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My Last Job

June 28, 2017 — Glyn Faulkner

For me at least, jobs suck.

Sure, you get a steady income and the illusion of security, but in exchange you're required to give up a huge amount of self determination. Worse, jobs breed dependency; you get your pay by following someone else's routines and not having to make important decisions. It can be be so hard to leave, even when the work or a toxic office environment is making you miserable. A few times throughout my working life I've found myself in this position, and in the process I learned that being poor, but with lots of free time and energy, makes me much less miserable than doing tedious repetitive work between the same four walls.

To be honest, even when I've had an enjoyable job, I've found that my creativity muscles quickly start to atrophy and at the end of the day I go home, drained of inspiration and with too little drive left to pursue my own personal life goals.

So when I left my last job to start a PhD I made a public commitment to friends and relatives that I was never going to write another CV or take another salaried job; I left not only my job, but the job market at large.

Of course, I still need to eat and pay the bills, and I'm (sadly!) not already independently wealthy, so there has to be something to replace the salaried job.

I've been in business on my own twice before, so being self-supporting isn't scary any more, but based on what I learned in the process I'm doing it a little differently this time.

Focussing on a single area of business, while vastly better for my mental state than a regular job, still loses its shine after a couple of years. Instead I'm building a few passive income streams to act as a safety net that will allow me to play with whatever fun new ideas that come along, whether they're potential money-makers themselves, or just random whims (like my interest in obscure historical musical instruments).

Self determination, responsibility, no externally imposed daily routine, and all while giving my creativity a regular workout. That seems to tick all the boxes.

Tags: work, entrepreneurship

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